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Kayla Wiest
Kayla Wiest


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I am a Web developer specializing in WordPress and Shopify platforms. From growing up in the small town in British Columbia to moving out to populous Ontario, I have experienced life in all its forms and that has translated to my work.

With that, I want to make this site a archive of my grand adventure into web programming. To chart the path I have taken from where I started to where I am going and to share this exploration with others, especially with those who feel a little overwhelmed with how vast the coding world is (heaven knows I have). There are so many ideas, projects, and resources I wish to create and share with you but for now I start by creating a space to house it all (this site!).



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With over seven years experience in development roles, including five years in an agency environment, I have been around the block from start to finish on multiple client websites (big and small).

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