April Playlist

Spring is here and its time to cleanse our environment to welcome the change of season. So here is some music to help you through the transition.

Listen to the playlist.

  1. “Mayday Ghost ‘N’ Ghost Remix” – TheFatRat (ft. Laura Brehm)
  2. “Zodiac” – Xan Griffin
  3. “Savages” – Kerli
  4. “In the End – Mellen Gi Remix” – Tommee Profit (ft. Fleurie, Mellen Gi)
  5. “Shakedown” – Birocratic
  6. “Bury a friend” – Billie Eilish
  7. “Iloveyou” – A L E X
  8. “Mirrorball” – Danny Olson (ft. Jynx)
  9. “I walked her home, for the first time” – killedmyself
  10. “Guile’s Theme” – Street Fighter