Codevember Favorites

Codevember has come and gone but our code is here to stay.

If you not sure what Codevember was, it is a challenge for developers to sharpen their creativity and improve their skills with the goal is to build a creative piece of code every day of November.
While I had good intentions on finishing all the challenges during this month, I was only able to complete the first few days before I couldn’t set enough time aside to continue. I plan to continue these challenges in my own time, I would like to highlight some of the best pens I saw this season!


5. Starting off with my own personal shout-out, I present my submission for Day 01 – Infinity. Based on the Infinity stones I create a simple CSS shape with a JavaScript hover effect that would highlight the different stones found in the Marvel Universe.

See the Pen #codevember 01: Infinity…stones by Kayla Wiest (@sakoi_) on CodePen.


4. This submission from Juliette was apart of Day 11 – RGB. A mouse parallax based in JavaScript that simulates a 3D effect. I really enjoyed the simplicity and customization aspect that could be reused for a fun project. :P

See the Pen #Codevember Day 11: RGB by Juliette (@julietteabeyta) on CodePen.


3. This submission from Liam Wright was apart of Day 02 – Time. When I first began creating my time submission I was looking for some quick inspiration into what others had already started and Liam’s pen was 100% what I wanted to see from a theme based on time. The minimalism gives a clear understand on the purpose of the code and gave it a great modern feel that could easily be used for a multitude of projects.

See the Pen #codevember – 02 – Time by Liam Wright (@Uiliam) on CodePen.


2. This submission from Romina was apart of Day 18 – Paper. A recreation of the classic game Rock-Paper-Scissor that accepts a input from the user and shows the results of your selection based on randomly generated AI. Built with SVG images and JavaScript this is a very awesome pen!

See the Pen Codevember #18 – Paper by Romina (@RominaMartin) on CodePen.


1. My favorite pen of Codevember 2018 comes from a submission by Henry Desroches for Day 07 – Sea. Built on Haml and Sass this is a beautiful CSS image is not only inspiring to me as a fellow CSS image coder but something I hope to be able to accomplish in my code one day.

See the Pen #Codevember 2018: 7 – Sea by Henry Desroches (@xdesro) on CodePen.