Happy Halloween

From my last post we discussed CodePen and how awesome of a tool it is for creating code snippets.

The one thing I forgot to mention is the wondrous ‘challenges’ hosted by CodePen. Each month there is a overall theme announced and each week there is a specific challenge prompt around that theme. Hundreds of code snippets are shared under the weekly tag showcasing a variety of styles that fall under that weeks challenge.

This month I will all based around the spooky holiday of Halloween and for myself being late to the CodePen party I decided to partake in the last challenge of the month which is ‘ Trick-or-Treat‘. This challenge prompted the spirit of Halloween by getting into costume and sharing a trick or treat for the viewer.

While my submission didn’t have much in the way of trick, I decided to recreate a design I stumbled upon that not only was a treat to my eye but also gave me some new challenges in how to take this particular design to code (something you get very familiar with by working along side many great graphic designers). So lets see the result.

See the Pen Happy halloween – Trick or Treat (CSS Image) by Kayla Wiest (@sakoi_) on CodePen.


UPDATE: This pen was featured on the Picked Pens! Super happy and thanks to everyone who left a heart ❤