Happy Holidays

This year has been a grand year and hope that you are able to celebrate the holiday season with friends and loved ones.

This time last year I began my journey into being a full-time web developer and have been loving every step of the way. I have the unique opportunity to work in a power house of brilliant minds and creative individuals that I call my ‘frolleagues‘ and absolutely enjoy working beside from project to project.

Aside from work, this year I begun to grow myself by continuing to learn and explore the coding world. I created my CodePen account in which I started to create CSS Images which showcase more of a artist flare that your average code project. I also have continued to learn more about WordPress so I can continue to give clients the best possible experience with the platform and websites that are not only functional but appealing.

Lastly this year, I created a website that I continue to develop and expand into a archive of everything I have done within my career. I hope that any who stumble upon my website will be able to become inspired or learn a trick or two while they explore what I have to offer and here is all the best for the next year to come!

May the magic and the wonder of the holiday season stay with you throughout the coming year.

See the Pen Happy Holidays (CSS Image) by Kayla Wiest (@sakoi_) on CodePen.