January Playlist

Hope everyone had a good holidays and is well rested to start the new year out with a bang.

Listen to the playlist

  1. “The lost Chord” — Gorillaz (ft. Leee John)
  2. “The End of Troy (Remix)” — Finishing Move Inc.
  3. “Into Asgard” — Sam Houghton, Joe Collinson
  4. “Bad Guy Remix” — Tiësto
  5. “Hyper Focus” — Sublab
  6. “Reconstruction More Science” — Portal Reloaded
  7. “Saints” — Echos
  8. “Nightlight” — ILLENIUM
  9. “Fly Me to the Moon” — Facemask Time
  10.  “Save Me” —Bruno Martini, Avian Grays, TRIXL (ft. Mayra)