June Playlist

Finally stating to feel the strain of working at home all the time and not able to take breaks away from my computer. This month has been a mixture of music to help me keep sane.

Listen to the playlist

  1. “Never Enough” — MUNEYLXRD (ft. Meg Myers)
  2. “Space (Outro) — Andy G. Cohen
  3. “Forgiveness I + II” — Billy Talent
  4. “Song of the Ancients (Atonement)” — Keiichi Okabe
  5. “Ghosts (Barren Gates Remix) — Jenna Lotti (ft. Barren Gates)
  6. “Juggernaut” — Env
  7. “Time  (Alan Walker Remix)” — Hans Zimmer (ft. Alan Walker) 
  8. “001” — Free Flow Flava
  9. “Coming Down” — Gouglou
  10. “Late Night” — shogonodo