June 1, 2020 by Kayla

June Playlist

Finally stating to feel the strain of working at home all the time and not able to take breaks away from my computer. This month has been a mixture of music to help me keep sane.

Listen to the playlist

  1. “Never Enough” — MUNEYLXRD (ft. Meg Myers)
  2. “Space (Outro) — Andy G. Cohen
  3. “Forgiveness I + II” — Billy Talent
  4. “Song of the Ancients (Atonement)” — Keiichi Okabe
  5. “Ghosts (Barren Gates Remix) — Jenna Lotti (ft. Barren Gates)
  6. “Juggernaut” — Env
  7. “Time  (Alan Walker Remix)” — Hans Zimmer (ft. Alan Walker) 
  8. “001” — Free Flow Flava
  9. “Coming Down” — Gouglou
  10. “Late Night” — shogonodo