October Playlist

A new tradition has started over at Larche (my work family) with Friday Playlist that they share at Larche.com. I thought this was a great way to share some of our personality with others outside our group and spread some awareness of great music! So here inaugural playlist for October 2018.?

Listen to the playlist.

  1. “Ghost” — Mystery Skulls
  2. “Beyond the Void” — Arkana
  3. “The Dark Side” — Muse
  4. “Enter One” — Sol Seppy
  5. “Making Christmas” — Pentatonix
  6. “Begin Again” — Purity Ring
  7. “Burn” —  Ether
  8. “After Dark” — Mr. Kitty
  9. “One Summer” — Ghosting
  10. “Call Me” — 90sFav